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Mo Regan started practicing Reiki and energy healing 10 years ago as Heal and Harmonise practicing from a therapy centre and then moved full-time to her home based therapy room where she is to this day. She has now recently rebranded into Ayaresa, expanding into offering healing super foods including Sea Moss and Mushroom blends. 


Mo is a Reiki Master Teacher currently offering Reiki including Distance Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Ear Candling, Natural Lift Face Massage (Facial Rejuvenation), Chakra Balancing incorporating Tuning Forks, Biofield Clearing.


Working from her home based therapy room allows more flexibility with appointment times, peace, privacy and free on street car parking. Some clients choose to attend with their PJ's on already for maximum relaxation without judgement!  Mo stresses that although her treatments fulfil all the requirements they were created to do, they are also adapted to your specific needs. Mo prides herself on being an intuitive therapist and may adapt the treatment as she works.


Mo's passion is enabling you to reduce stress, anxiety, find inner peace, balance, empowerment and rediscovering loving yourself with the tools your mind, body and spirit already have.

Mo sources ethically sourced crystals from companies she has personally made connections with and chooses each one individually via live video. Mo prides herself on being able to connect you to beautiful pieces from Mother Earth. Also available are bespoke hand wrapped crystal pendants and bracelets. Let her know if there is something specific you are seeking. Mo also provides Incense from the world famous brand Satya and beautiful chemical free botanical Kuumba Made fragrance oils imported from the US made only from mother nature. All her products are Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly with the exception of the Ear Candles that contain Honey.


She would love to hear from you if she can provide you with any more information, make a purchase or to book your appointment.

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