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Biofield Clearing Therapy

Our Biofield, sometimes known as our aura is a field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body which is composed of electromagnetic energy and 'chi' (universal life force energy).

Past experiences from birth and beyond which have impacted our lives in a negative way leave distortions of energy in the aura which can block the flow of energy causing imbalances which can later manifest in the physical body as dis-ease, mental health issue and emotional trauma. These blockages can be detected and identified using tuning forks when combing through the energy bodies and release them from the aura and support the rejuvenation of balanced energy. The tuning forks neutralises the energy gently and can reduce or even eliminates the physical symptoms in just one session with this form of energy healing.

With the use of an aura anatomy map I will locate, identify and interrupt patterns of sonic imbalance brought about from past negative experiences making it possible for you to move forward empowered and with a balanced perspective.

First session can last up to 2 hours. Subsequent follow up treatment on a need to basis take up to 1 hour to keep you fully energetically balanced. 

1st Session £60

Follow Up Sessions £35

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