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Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy


Natures amazing creations that take thousands of year to grow... who doesn't love crystals...they are stunning, powerful and addictive! A hot topic in the celeb world with people such as Adele, Katie Perry, Victoria Beckham and Khloe Kardashian amongst others revealing their love for crystals and their healing powers. Just one of many articles click here


I am VTCT trained in Crystal Therapy and am so passionate about their vibrational healing benefits and beauty for all to use in every capacity of our lives. There are so many benefits from carrying them around for moral support, to having them strategically placed around our homes for love, harmony and protection amongst many other benefits.


What is Crystal Therapy?


The human body is made up of many energy centres called chakras. If one or more of the chakras become out of balance, this can cause both physical and mental problems.


Quartz Crystals are commonly used in electronic devices and especially watches where it will absorb the energy of the battery and then release this energy at such a precise rate it keeps perfect time. Crystals similarly effect the bodys electro-magnetic energy field (the chakras, meridians and aura) to create balance and keep our energy vibrations to their natural rhythm and release blockages that cause dis-ease. Once our energy centres are balanced this will also lead to reduction in stress and stress related illnesses.


Each crystal has its own vibration and healing properties and after consultation we will establish your needs and goals and each crystal chosen will be prescribed to balance and harmonise for you personally.


Your session will comprise of Crystals being placed on and around your body and worked energetically using crystal wands and crystal pendulums. This will induce deep relaxation, release and reduction of stress and pain and balance your inner energy promoting feelings of well-being. Crystals will also be used in conjunction with Reiki and Sound frequency with a Tuning Fork. Mo works intuitively and will go with your needs on the day


45 Min £35

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