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Thermal Auricular Therapy
(Ear Candling)

This is a wonderful cleansing and meditative treatment that can help clear your ears, head and mind using warm air and vibration to massage inside the ear. Combined with an amazing mini acupressure scalp and facial massage which incorporates Reiki healing energy given while I also hold the candles, this treatment will release pressure that can cause headaches, migraines and sinus problems. This relaxing age-old therapy can bring improved balance, help relieve the symptoms of head colds and can even help reduce snoring.

This is a particularly good treatment if you suffer with cabin pressure when flying. Having a treatment prior to your flight can help relieve the pressure and pain sometimes experienced.

At Heal and Harmonise we use Herbacone Professional Hopi Candles. These candles are hand-made in a European production facility using natural ingredients such as pure beeswax, essential oils and linen.


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