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Indian Head Massage

I am fully qualified VTCT trained in Indian Head Massage and cannot recommend this treatment enough!

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage can help relax, soothe, or invigorate. The treatment involves using hands to knead, rub and squeeze the body's soft tissues and muscles. This is a seated treatment.

Oils are used and are applied to the face, neck, scalp and shoulders. The oils also help to keep the your hair strong, healthy and lustrous.

An Indian Head Massage treatment will usually take around 45 minutes and the treatment can be tailored to your specific needs e.g. if you have an aching shoulder or neck more time can be spent there than normal.

It is important that you wear a non-valuable clothing, such as a old t-shirt, to avoid getting oil on the clothes as the oil will still be absorbing into your skin after the massage has finished.


Indian head massage treatments provide various benefits.

Physical Benefits Include:

• Relieves muscle tension and improves mobility in in the upper body and neck

• Improves blood circulation around the head and neck area

• Improves lymphatic drainage from the head and neck helping with the removal of waste and toxins

• Relaxes the body helping improve mental concentration

• Relieves eystrain

• Helps reduce congestion improve sinus related problems


Psycological Benefits Include:

• Helps to balance the energy centres (or chakras) of the body through releasing pent up energy to help the body operate at its optimum capacity

• Relieves headaches, migraines and other similar pschological ailments

• Dramatically reduces stress, mental tension and anxiety

• Helps to alleviate insomnia and develop good sleeping pattern

• Revitalises and clears the mind, which in turn improves concentration and mental responsivenes

• Promotes a deep and lasting sense of peace, calm and tranquillity


History of Indian Head Massage

This treatment has been practised in India for over 5000 years, and is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system in Indian. In Ayurveda, massage is highly valued and is believed that aches and pains are caused by obstruction of the flow of wind though the carrying vessels in the body. Ayurveda means 'the science or knowledge of life.'


Indian women traditionally practise Indian Head Massage for the health benefits it provides. As the hot climate was drying to the hair, they would use oil at various times of the year depending on the availability, cost and season - but mainly used coconut oil. The skill would be passed down through generations and mothers would massage their babies every day and then between the ages of 3-6 children are massaged once or twice a week, up until they're grown up. Expectant mothers will be given a head massage up to the day the baby is born and even couples before they're married will receive a massage. Therefore, the massage is not just excellent physical effects, but also helps with bonding and is used as a way of showing affection within friends and families.


45 Min -£40

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