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A small compact crystal set to easily carry around with you or pop under your pillow. As a crystal therapist, I have specifically combined these crystals for their vibrational compatability with each Chakra in your energy system. You can use them in unison or seperately if you are working through healing specific chakras.  Each set will have been cleansed, charged and boosted with Reiki energy and comes with a content leaflet.


Aura - Snow Quartz - Purification & Serenity

Crown - Clear Quartz - Clarity / Connection / Amplification

3rd Eye - Amethyst - Intuition / Calm / Insight

Throat - Sodalite - Communication / Harmony / Expression

Heart - Green Aventurine - Healing / Love / Luck

Solar Plexus - Citrine - Joy / Happiness / Abundance

Sacral - Carnelian - Vitality / Creativity / Motivation

Root - Tigers Eye - Grounding / Courage / Protection


NOTE: Your crystals will be a different set to the crystal in these images but are similar in size and colour.

Chakra Crystal Set

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