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A small compact crystal set to easily carry around with you or pop under your pillow. As a crystal therapist, I have combined these crystals for their vibrational support specifically with students in mind. You can use them in unison or choose which crystal to use on a daily basis depending on the support you need. Each set will have been cleansed, charged and boosted with Reiki energy and comes with a content leaflet.


Clear Quartz ~ Clarity& Energy

Citrine ~ Goal Setting & Energy

Sodalite ~ Communication & Expression

Black Tourmaline ~ Protection & Negative Vibes

Carnelian ~ Courage & Confidence

Amethyst ~ Stress, Anxiety & Calm

Rose Quartz ~ Self Love & Compassion


NOTE: Your crystals will be a different set to the crystal in these images but are similar in size and colour.

Student Crystal Support Set

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